Lifelong Learning — We’re all in this Together

The GAN Global team in Geneva has recently joined join our neighbors, colleagues, and stakeholders around the world in solidarity — on lockdown, in hopes of putting a halt to #covid19. The messages on #lifelong learning from this podcast that we organised late last year in 2019, resonate so much more during this time of uncertainty. In this podcast, we brought together partners and member companies — Daniéle Castle, Senior Director Education & Talent, Nicolas Bürer, digitalswitzerland and Amélie Villeneuve-Moore, Head of UBS University, to learn more about how #lifelong learning can shield us through tough times. With both entities based in Switzerland, we learn different perspectives from a financial company and a multi-stakeholder entity driving digital innovation, on what lifelong learning means for older people, how it is reinforced in the education system, and how Swiss citizens and employees perceive its importance. Although the participants are based in Switzerland, it is clear that the lessons and approaches are easily transferable and adaptable to GAN members and partners across the world.

During this particular time, when many of are working virtually and dependent on digital tools to keep us connected to our workplace, what truly resonates from this interview is that our ability to leverage our digital skills can help keep our workplaces, relationships with colleagues, and industries afloat. In this podcast, you will have an opportunity to listen and learn from companies and industry leaders on how governments, stakeholders and companies are working together in solidarity to ensure that workforces are skilled. Viewpoints are shared on how technology can play a crucial part in democratizing learning so it is more accessible, inclusive and equitable for all.

The common thread between GAN Global, digitalswitzerland and UBS University is our commitment and pledge towards #Workbasedlearning, #LifelongLearning and #SkillingNow. During these unprecedented global events where you may be on lockdown, in quarantine, working virtually from the comforts of your home, or lucky enough to manage your day to day activities relatively uninterrupted, we hope that you will be able to enjoy this podcast and use the opportunity to reflect on how lifelong learning and technology can improve the status of our well-being and communities.




Official account of the Global Apprenticeship Network. Shaping Workforces of the Future.

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Official account of the Global Apprenticeship Network. Shaping Workforces of the Future.

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